Answered Prayers

As I wrote in my prayer journal this morning during my devotions, I was suddenly stopped dead in my tracks. For years, quite literally 10 years, I have prayed for my future husband. Last year when I started using a journal during my devotions and prayer time, my future husband was close to the top of the list. I would pray for the sick, my church, the country, and then my future husband. Every day, without fail, just waiting for the man that God had for me without knowing his name. Fast forward to this morning, well actually the last seven mornings of devotions. No longer do I have to write “future husband” without a name attached. Beginning last Wednesday morning, I have been able to write Isaac each and every morning. I am excited to continue to spread the word that that man that I met just 2 months and 11 days ago, that God sent me at just the right moment ¬†asked me to be his wife one week ago today.

Last Tuesday, on a regular day, I got a text saying that we would be going on an adventure to one of the local waterfalls with Isaac’s brother and future sister-in-law, who received a new camera for Christmas and wanted to try it out. Although, I was already at work and not exactly dressed for the cool, central New York weather, I agreed to go along anyway. When he picked me up at work, he seemed a bit more flustered than usual, but I let it go. We then met up with the other couple and started walking the trails. We ended up at a beautiful bridge that ran across the river right at the waterfalls after taking pictures for Elijah and Brandy, it was our turn on the bridge. As we got to the middle of the bridge, Isaac gave me a hug, told me he loved me, he wanted to spent the rest of his life with me, pulled out a box, got down on one knee, and asked to marry him. I don’t think he was able to take a breath before I said yes and almost knocked him over with a hug and a kiss.

We have a bit of an nontraditional story as far as meeting, dating, and getting engaged goes, considering the timing of it all, but I have never been more sure of anything in my life. God lets you know when He’s sent you His will. If you are living in it, that’s all that matters!