Summer Is Over

Summer is over…Those three words evoke more feeling in me than possibly ever before. What a summer it has been! What a spring and summer it has been really since I haven’t posted since February. These last two seasons have been some of the most crazy in my life. I had been teaching preschool, but am now looking forward to teaching kindergarten this fall. For me as a student and now, a teacher, I always have looked at fall as another opportunity to change, move on, and keep on. This fall is no different.

This fall I am looking forward with fear, anticipation, sadness, and hope. My summer was beautiful, but challenging. This summer I said good bye to friends as I left my job and moved (AGAIN!). I walked away from relationships that weren’t right and finally let go of some bitterness that threatened to steal my joy each day. I fought for the things I believed in and loved on those that were hurting. I have made mistakes but regret nothing. I have experienced life this summer, really this year, in a way that was more fulfilling than ever before.

And again, I turn to fall a changed person. I feel things and people that meant so much becoming less of a controlling factor in life. I feel God’s calling more and more each day simply asking for obedience. I feel God’s nudges toward open doors even though I can’t see past the threshold. I feel my faith growing stronger and my doubt shrinking each day. I am so excited for this new season of life just as much as I am thankful for the last. I pray for an amazing school year with my kindergartners and opportunities to bless so many through the doors that God has opened.

Enjoy the season God has blessed you with and make every moment count as that is all that is guaranteed.


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