Standing in front of a congregation full of people on Sunday morning, less than a week before Valentine’s Day, belting out “Enough” by Chris Tomlin, had  a powerful impact on my single heart.

For as long as I can remember, I have been looking, hoping, praying, and chasing after that special someone, never quite knowing who he is,  where he is, or when God will bring him into my life. During my adolescence, it was easy to shrug this off as being boy crazy to those around me. However, for whatever reason  sometime between 18 and 20, my singleness became noticeable to those around me. I have date a few guys, but nothing serious. Finally, as I graduated college last spring, everyone around me  began to feel bothered that I had not found anyone and assume that I chronically depressed by it.  

I want to say that I am not sad that I am single before I say anything more. With Valentine’s Day coming, this is a hot topic. Most people who are single take the stance of “I HATE THIS DAY!” or “Obviously, it was created to make single people even more sad.” But, for anyone that knows me, I don’t hate Valentine’s Day. I mean, it is a commercialized, made-up holiday, but there is nothing wrong with a day to remind people to say “I love you”. Plus, I love any excuse to eat copious amounts of candy! 🙂

Due to the season, more and more articles pop up on Facebook, my news homepage, and Twitter about being single, what to say to single people, what not to say to single people, and how to stop being single. Some are light-hearted, while others are meant to be taken seriously. I have read non-Christian and Christian takes on the topic as well. The one item above all else that always gets me in these articles and my every day life is what do you say to a single person?

For years, I have struggled with how I want people to respond when something is said about my singleness. I have never cared for the standard:

1. He’s out there somewhere.

2. It will happen for you someday.

3. You deserve someone great and they haven’t found you yet.

Anyway, back to Sunday morning… As I stood up on that stage, praising God, I realized, I finally knew what I want people to say whenever my being single, for whatever reason, comes up…I want people to remind me that GOD IS ENOUGH! That is a reminder that should never get old or cliche’. GOD IS ENOUGH! No imperfect human will make my life complete enough without God. No imperfect human will make me content enough without God. No imperfect human will make money, success, hopes, and dreams enough without God. GOD IS ENOUGH! God using imperfect people to make our lives feel complete and help us be content, but without God those people may not be in our lives. GOD IS ENOUGH! I still pray every day for that man that God has set aside for me. However, my prayers for him have gotten to that I want him to know that GOD IS ENOUGH! I have faith that he is out there, but until then GOD IS ENOUGH!

So to sum up all my ramblings, Single does not equal sad. Single does not equal alone. Single does not equal unloved. Valentine’s Day is good. Candy is good.  GOD IS ENOUGH!