This Is NOT Our Time

When you believe in a God that changes lives every day, it should be easier to see  that a simple weekend with your best friend could turn into a time that challenges you and gives you a new vision for the new year and your life.

I have sat down three or four times now trying to decide how to write down exactly what this weekend has brought about in my life. Never did I think a movie, a song, and a single 500 word devotional would make such an impact on my current view of my life and its’ purpose. It all began with the movie…

Stephanie, one of my best friend’s, and I attended the young adults Bible Study at her church yesterday afternoon. We showed up and discovered that a movie, “This Is Our Time” was going to be shown with a four week study to follow in the coming month. I knew I would only be there for the movie, but I was still pretty excited as I am always looking for a good Christian film. I quickly looked up the trailer (thank goodness for smartphones) and discovered this would be a tough movie to digest. I felt a sinking feeling (knowing that I was going to bawl my eyes out in front of strangers) and a tug at my heart (letting me know that this was going to change me). I was not wrong on either point, I cried and I walked out of that church changed. I began to see that no matter what station in life I am in, God is working. Even if I feel like I am on the sidelines of life while my friends are travelling the world, getting married, scoring their first dream job, or having babies, there is a purpose for me being right where I am. God has a plan for my time single, teaching preschool, without much of a plan of what or where next… I may never know what that grand plan is or what impact my time on the sidelines has on someone else, but I do know that my time, is first off, not mine after all. It’s God’s time, but also that it is my job to seek God’s will for what is next and simply obey. Obey Him through my actions, thoughts, words, and attitudes.

A song has also been coming up… “Waiting Room” by Jonny Diaz. Waiting…What a simple word, but so much laziness often times comes with it. God calls us to an active waiting where we continue to seek and obey Him. But even more than that. This song challenges me to continue to praise Him even when His answer for right now is No. Whether it’s graduate school, a relationship, or a new job, I have to praise Him for the no and continue waiting for Him to show me what’s next.

Finally, I am going through a devotional book written by Max Lucado this year. So funny how God works things out. The devotional today was simply called, “Don’t Miss God’s Answer”. It was a strong reminder that even when we feel sidelined for now or do receive the “NO” that we think should be something else, we still must continually seek God. If we quit, give up, stray from Him, or stop, we may miss His answer. God will do immeasurably more, EVERYTIME!

So now, I am looking at my days ahead of singleness, wiping kids noses in preschool, serving the people of my small church, living with my grandma, and searching for what God has next with excitement and joy instead of hesitation and disappoint. I know that my jobs are to seek, obey, and trust. This is God’s time and I don’t want to waste a minute of it!


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